OEMkeys was created in 2017, following the success of our eBay sales. OEMkeys began as a family run business and has gradually continued to grow into a major online digital codes retailer and wholesaler. We began by selling Windows Operating systems, software and Xbox Live Gold memberships. The main objective of the company was to sell OS, software and gaming cards cheap and to provide a great customer service. Everything we had researched about successful businesses outlined one thing they all had in common “A Great Customer Service”.

So we set out on our journey to be the best in our field. We may not achieve the sales success of a company like eBay but we sure could provide a personal caring, responsive and a great deal better customer service.

The convenience of having your oem key or digital gaming code emailed to you, the saving you make and the great customer service that we provide has made us a formidable force.

The customers will always come first for us and this is the most solid foundation for anyone out there wanting to start any business venture. Real people serving real people, no automated responses, live email responses and real time customer support. OEMkeys would not be here without a great team effort. We have an experienced team of customer support staff who are the heart of our organisation. Our support staff are experienced and have been with us for over 4 years with other ventures. We hope to continue providing all our customers with great value deals and satisfy all your software and gaming needs for many years to come.